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Are you Maintaining your Website?

Just one in ten firms update their website daily. More than a third don't track visitor numbers. Sound familiar?

Are you Maintaining your WebsiteAccording to research only a quarter of firms update their website each month. 350pages makes it easy for you to update your website whenever you wish, at no extra cost! Remember, regularly updating your website is one of the ways to help your search engine rankings. The more you change your website, the more often the search engines crawl your website and re-index it.

Furthermore, 48% of UK firms are not advertising on search engines, such as Google, while more than a third (34%) said they do not track visitor numbers and are subsequently unable to quantify the popularity of their website.

More than half (57%) believe maintaining a company website is an in-house responsibility, while only 20% admitted to having the funds to pay an external designer. Of those that are responsible for updating company websites, 55% said they use their evenings to tackle the task.

Whilst this is understandable for a small company, we would urge you to invest quality time and energy into presenting the right image and engaging with your website visitors. Also be conscious that important elements like search engine submission and website measurement can transform the return from your website.

350pages provides the tools to for you to do this quickly and with enjoyment but if you do not have the time then we are here to help.

SEO – Search Trends

Trends are changing so you may need to think differently about your presence on the web.

More LocalMore Local

Search results are becoming more local. Google has recently changed the way it displays its findings in that it now displays business results that are ‘local’ to where you are based.

More Personal

More PersonalSearch results are turning personal, yes, that’s right, personal to you. Google does many things already to make your searching personal, it displays results based on past search history, if you are logged into a Google account and other metrics.

More Depth

More DepthSearch engines such as Google not only display website links now, but they are also displaying rich content such as videos. This means that your YouTube videos that you have uploaded can be optimised for search and can be displayed in the Google search results. Just like local results, the videos are listed within existing results.

More Social

More SocialThe Social side of online is a large aspect of the internet and the lives we lead. Whether that’s using Twitter, or having a Facebook or LinkedIn profile. Both Google & Bing have started to display Facebook & Twitter updates within its search results.

This is set to become an even larger part of Search with Bing recently announcing that it is going to include Facebook ‘Likes’ into its results and displaying how many ‘Likes’ a link has received (currently USA only, moving to UK in the not so distant future).

What do you need to do?

There are three main points that you need to consider:

  • Become local; accept that local search is becoming a large part of search engine results and cater for the local audiences you cover. Optimise for regional keywords.
  • More rich content; create video content to be hosted on YouTube, optimise the video for search. Videos are becoming an important part of search.
  • Be social; integrate on Social networks, whether that is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other. Be a part and engage with the audience out there.
Changes to Website RegulationsChanges to Website Regulations

In the UK, from the 1st of March 2011, marketing communication on websites will be regulated by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), the independent regulator of advertising.

The purpose of these new regulations is to ensure that all advertising is legal, decent, honest and truthful whenever they appear.

For full details on the ASA’s online remit, please visit the ASA website

Think Big!

This is a BIG number! One zettabyte equals one trillion gigabytes. In ten years, five zettabytes of data will reside “in the cloud,” according to the research firm IDC. That’s a way of saying it will be in storage on the Internet.

Think Big!

Think even bigger - five zettabytes equals one “googol,” which is 10 to the 100th power. That’s a one followed by 100 zeroes. Yes, that’s how Google got its name.

Have fun, the 350 Team

Site of the Month

Site of the month!

"A great example of a small business taking advantage of the clean modern looking templates in 350 to achieve their aim." ED

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Surfing the web

species.wikimedia.org contains lots of interesting facts with a species of the week.

Take these Amur Leopards – only 30 remaining in the world, they reside in the Primorye province in Russia and can survive temperatures down to 30°C below zero.

Surfing the web

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350pages has many great features to help you create a really professional website.

Did you know that the 350pages web page builder provides 2 types of web page layout. Auto format templates automatically adjust when adding or removing content and they re-flow the text depending on the size of the viewer’s web browser. The free floating templates provide more flexibility in layout (you can put anything anywhere on the page) but the page arrangement does not format or change as you add new content, nor does it adjust for different size the web browsers.

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