350pages Features

No HTML, design or technical skills required. It’s so simple, anyone can do it!

drag and drop website builder

Drag ‘n Drop Website Builder with Unique Free-format & Auto-format modes

350pages provides all the tools you need to create a professional-looking website in just minutes. It even includes the hosting. With an extensive range of over 700 professionally designed, fully customizable website templates and layouts, 350pages is unique in providing two modes for you to create your website.

Using the ‘free-format’ templates you can drag ‘n drop objects anywhere on your web page to create your own unique layout. Using the ‘auto-format’ templates your web page will automatically update and adjust other content on the page,


for example, when you change the amount of text or insert extra images.

It will also automatically adjust to any width browser screen to display the best layout for each viewer. You can even mix these two modes to get the best of both worlds.

Create a complete website at the touch of a button with all web pages ready linked. Every object on the web page can be fully customized with properties such as colors, transparency, borders, frames, padding, layers, alignment and links. You are limited only by your imagination.

create stylish graphics

Unique Customizable Graphics

350pages provides over 900 professionally designed graphics buttons, banners, headings, logos and even spinning text that you can customize. You can change the colors, text style, sizes, add shadows, make them transparent and even rotate the graphics so that they are vertical on the page. There are roll-over navigation buttons that change color when your visitor moves over them.

  edit text on web pages

Easy to use Editors

Edit any object on your webpage with the easy to use Editors. Whether it’s text, graphics, images, or framed objects we have made it really easy for you. You can edit the page properties to change colors or features and even copy features from one page to another. The drag ‘n drop interface and ability to resize objects on the page make it so easy to create your website.

edit your photographs

Versatile Photo Tools

With the comprehensive photo editor you can scale, crop, rotate, enhance for brightness, saturation, contrast and sharpness (or simply use the auto-enhance), add various effects and even adjust the fill light. You can add captions and make your photos transparent.

Upload up to 30 photos or graphics at one time, which will automatically be optimized in size for the web. Include thumbnail photos on your web page that link out to a larger photo when selected. Create galleries and let your friends see a slideshow.

  clipart and photo library

350pages Libraries

We provide you with a free library of nearly 3000 graphics, photos, animations and clipart for use on your website. They are available in a range of styles and categories that you can customize. You can also upload your own photos and graphics or paste in any 3rd party HTML snippets.

We also provide you with an information library of videos, tutorials, useful articles and resources to help your website building experience. See Information Library

sell from your website

Sell from your Website

350pages makes it easy for you to sell your products and services from your website. You can upload multiple images, create galleries of products, set your prices, set your delivery charges and collect payment via PayPal or Google Checkout or any other payment system.

Add an Amazon Carousel or other e-shop gadget to receive affiliate commission for items that you sell from their store.

  social media integration

Social Media Integration

350pages has integrated with Facebook, Twitter and bit.ly so it will automatically post news of your website updates. Import your own videos or link to videos on YouTube or anywhere on the Web.

Share your news and thoughts with a blog, and create communities with a forum. You can also paste in any 3rd party HTML snippet

html snippets

Add 3rd party Gadgets

350pages provides various customizable objects for your web pages but you can also insert third party gadgets (widgets) from the gadget library or copy and paste an HTML snippet to add any other widget of your choice. Gadgets include e-commerce tools, social media tools, forums, chat, flash widgets, video, music, maps and calendars.

  website statistics

Website statistics

Once you have built your website and entered your titles, keywords and description you will want to track and analyse your visitors so that you can use the information to generate more visitors. To assist you we have integrated 350pages with Google Analytics so that you can easily analyse your website.

search engine optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

All websites created using 350pages are optimised for search engines. They are produced as clean HTML. We provide you with easy entry of titles, keywords and descriptions onto your webpages with automatic linking into the 350 network so that the search engines can find your website easily.

Further website analytics and search engine optimisation services, including a website checkup and SEO report are available and are included in the Premium and Platinum versions.

  domain name

Your own Domain Name

You can purchase your own domain name from within 350pages or you can use a domain that you already own. Your domain name will automatically be attached to your web site. You can use as many domain names as you like, each attached to a different website or have several domain names for the same website. You can forward email from your domain name so that you have email addresses that match your website address for that extra professional touch. Domain names are included in the Premium and Platinum versions.


Help and Support

We provide comprehensive online help at all times throughout your website building experience. Whether it’s the interactive tutorial, videos, short videos and illustrations, it’s there to help guide you. And, if you need any further assistance we are on hand to advise.

We go one step further than the average and provide you with additional support services such as an automated series of backups, SEO analysis report, website check up and ‘ask the expert’.

Premium & Platinum users have the added advantage of direct contact with our design experts so they can discuss any design or website building issues.

  free website creator

5 Versions including a Free Version

There's a 350pages to suit everyone - the free and Lite versions that have limited features, the standard version and the Premium and Platinum versions that benefit from features to really help your website to be noticed, such as an SEO analysis report, website checkup and access to Expert advice.

And you can try 350pages on our website before you sign up to create your website.

For a list of features in each version see the Products list.

350pages users

Who should use 350pages?

You should!

350pages makes it easy for anyone to have a website.


Clubs and Groups

Whether you are part of a volunteer group or a member of a sports or social club, there are lots of benefits to having your own website to share information with members and publicise your activities and events to the public.


Share your family activities with friends and family or your hobby or latest travels with the world. Create a family forum where relatives can post their stories, photos and videos. You may even want a personal website to publicise your Olympic dreams!


Small Business

Whether you are wishing to sell a few items or a have a complete online store you will find the 350pages e-commerce really easy. By creating your own unique website, you can make your business more legitimate and professional and you can do business with people around the world, day and night.

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