350pages FAQ's

Q. What is 350pages?

350pages is a unique web page building experience that enables you to quickly and easily create your own professional looking website. It's the complete single solution with customizable templates and graphics, photo editor, photo galleries, slideshows, e-commerce and it includes the web hosting. The full versions have a quick web site builder that enables you to build a website in just 3 steps.

For a full set of features see the Features page

Q. Is there a free version?

Yes, there is a free version with limited functions and advertising. We have 5 versions - the Free, Lite, Standard, Premium and Platinum - you can see the functions of each at Product page

Q. Can I have my own domain name?

Yes, you can have your own unique domain name that you can purchase from within your 350pages account, or you can use one that you already own.

Q. Do you offer e-mail addresses with the 350pages package?

We offer e-mail forwarding with a domain name subscription.

Q. What are the customizable graphics?

Unique to 350pages are the customizable graphics that provide you with personalised, designer headings, buttons, logos and dividers, without the need for any graphic design skills. We provide you with over 1000 customizable graphics. Most other website builders enable you to only change text headings and buttons and you would have to be use another web design program or be a graphic designer if you wanted anything graphical.

Q. What about my photos?

Photo features include a photo editor to crop, resize, rotate, enhance or add special effects and frames, a photo uploader that resizes upon upload, image thumbnails that open up as larger versions, photo galleries and photo slideshows. You can include photos and sales details to sell from your website with the e-commerce functions.

Q. Does it have free photos and clipart for me to use?

350pages website builder has over 2000 photos and 900 pieces of clipart for you to use on your website. There is a reduced set in the Free and Lite versions.

Q. Do you offer e-commerce tools?

Yes, if you have a subscription account with 350pages, you can add PayPal buttons from the Insert New menu in the page editor. All of the PayPal customization is built into 350pages, so you just need a PayPal account to add your inventory for sale.

Q. How can I start to build a website?

Simple. Once you have signed up to use 350pages and logged into your account, click on the "New site" or "New Page" button. It couldn't be easier!

Q. Can I create my own webpage layout?

Yes, you can. 350pages has a wide range of specially designed templates for your free-format design so you simply, drag 'n drop any object on the page to exactly where you want it to create your own unique web page design.

Q. What is the auto-format?

When you use one of these templates the web page will automatically update and adjust other content on the page, for example, when you change the amount of text or insert extra images. Another great feature is that you can select to have a variable width template which will automatically adjust to the viewer's browser screen and text size to display the best layout for each viewer.

Q. Can I fully customize the content?

Absolutely. Every colour, graphic, image and paragraph of our templates can be altered to match your own vision of how the web page should look and how the content should be displayed on screen.

Q. Can I use my own content on my website?

Sure, and depending on what the content is, you might even be able to edit it within your 350pages website builder. Files such as PDFs, music, images and more can be uploaded for use on your website. Simply use the Upload button in your Page Editor, or select the upload option on your 350pages Home page or in the File Manager.

Q. Can I add objects to my website such as Google Gadgets and guestbooks?

Currently, we offer a number of extra objects (gadgets and widgets) which you can access from the insert menu whilst editing your web pages. You can also add any other third party services to your webpage by inserting their HTML snippet that you receive when you sign up to those services. Quick Guides on inserting HTML snippets and recommended providers of popular web services are all available in the 350pages library.

Q. Can I edit the webpage with HTML?

You don't need any knowledge of HTML or any programming language to use 350pages, however, the facility is there if you wish to add objects to your webpage by HTML or use HTML to fine tune your website.

Q. Can I upload my existing website?

Any type of file can be uploaded into 350pages. Simply use the Upload option.

Q. Can I change my password?

Yes, you can change it as many times as you like from within your Account. If you forget your password then we will email you a reminder hint. (we don't email the password for security reasons)

Q. Will I have to re-create my website if I start with the free version and then upgrade?

You will be able to upgrade your account without any interruption to your service.

Q. Can I create more than one website or do I have to create another account?

350pages provides you with 250MB of web space allowing an unlimited number of websites and web pages. There is less space in the Free and Lite versions - see the Products page

Q. If I revert to a free account with you, will I lose my website?

No. We will republish your website with advertisements as per the agreement of our free sites. You may, however, lose access to the advanced editing features and may, therefore, not be able to edit some of the objects that are only available in the subscription services.

Q. Do I need to install anything other than a web browser for 350pages to work?

Nothing at all, although if you wish to use our advanced uploader that resizes images upon upload, you will need to install the Java Runtime Environment available at www.java.com. Some gadgets you add to your website may also require other plug-ins and add-ons to be installed in order to see them live on the web.

Q. Does the 350pages builder work with all web browsers?

We spend many hours testing browser compatibility with 350pages and improving our code to ensure that 350pages functions with any browser that adheres to industry standards. This includes all of the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. However, if you do experience any difficulties with a particular browser, please let us know so we can investigate and fix any issues that you may have.

Q. Why do you charge for the use of a third party domain?

Domain registration is very cheap these days - but administration and technical implementation is not. We have to go through a series of complex processes to ensure your domain is correctly maintained with your account at all times. (Many domain registration and parking services do not offer the same maintenance services in the price of the initial registration.)

Q. Do you produce invoices for my records?

Invoices are automatically produced and added to your account. You are able to retrieve them at any time by logging into your account and going to the My Account section, where you will find the My Statements tab.

Q. How often do you update 350pages?

We are always developing new website functions, content and templates and we tell you about these in the monthly newsletter, in the blogs, and on Facebook and Twitter. Unlike software running on your computer, there is no charge for these upgrades.

Q. Can you create my web site for me?

We offer two services - we can create a website for you from scratch, or improve the look and feel of a website you've already created from within 350pages. Our web designers will produce the website using 350pages so when it's finished, you can take over the management of your website, without the need to pay for updates. If you're interested in either service, please contact us.

Q. I need more help!

Help is never far away. Every object within 350pages has a [?] icon to display a relevant help page. You can also contact our support team via our contact page and if you have a paid account, phone support is also available. Tutorials and general help are also all readily available - just look for the Help buttons.

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