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Building Websites without any fuss

Welcome to the 350pages information library. Here you will find lots of useful resources and information to help you with the construction and on-going maintenance of your website.

350pages Guide and Tutorials

Quick Guide - A quick and basic guide to some of the features of 350pages.
Quick Tutorial - An introductory tutorial to get to know some of the features of 350pages.
Quick Tips - These handy tips show you shortcuts and techniques to get the best out of the 350pages editor.

Quick Guides - How to add extra functions to your website such as PDF files, tables, flash files, music, sound, stock quotes and travel maps

E-Commerce for your Website - Learn how to deploy simple e-commerce buttons and options on your website.
Tips for Using Free-Format Floating Objects - How to make best use of 350pages's powerful drag and drop free floating layouts and objects.
Unleash Your Creativity - Learn how you can utilise 350pages' advanced features to diversify and enhance your website even further.
How to Create a Greetings Card or Party Invite - create your own greetings cards, invites and gift tags.
Creating your Perfect Poster - Using the pdf feature in 350pages, here are some tips on the design and content of your poster.
Adding your Designer Page to Facebook - Use 350pages to create a designer page for your Facebook fan and company page.
Sending E-Mail From Your Domain's Forwarding Addresses - Learn how to send e-mail from your domains with 350pages



Videos - Tutorial videos for creating websites with 350pages
Help Videos - Short Videos to demonstrate some of 350pages functions


Useful Articles

Tips for Buying your Domain Name - points to consider
Top Tips for a Successful Website - 10 points to consider when creating a website.
Designing your Website - How to keep your visitors on your website
5 Top Tips to Write Great Website Copy - See how effective copy can make you more sales.
10 Tips for creating a successful landing page - Captivate and retain your visitor's interest with a successful landing page
Do you want People to Stick around on your Website?
- see our guide to writing sticky content.

Avoid the Common Mistakes when Creating your Website -
Is your website perfect - design, website structure, size of photos and have you thought about your visitor’s screen sizes?
Is your Website ready for the Explosion of the Mobile Web? - By 2015, the number of mobile web users is expected to increase to 2 billion. Are you ready?

Web Photos - A guide to how photos should be optimized and treated for use on websites.
How to take Creative Photos - Be creative with the photos on your website to make it more interesting for your visitors.
Tips for Photographing Landscapes - The change of seasons, weather and light all create good photographic opportunities.
Tips for Using Video with your Website In this age of visual media, follow our guidelines to create and use video with your website.

Optimizing your website for Google - optimizing your websites for the search engines.
Search Engine Tips - How to get your website to the top of the search engines.
Common Mistakes when Choosing your Keywords  - Are your keywords working for you or could they work better?
Monitoring your Keywords - Look at those all-important single page visits or bounce rate.
Link Building - Increase your rankings in the search engines by Link Building.
Building Relationships for Link Building  - How to build relationships with key influencers to help your link building.

Search Engine Optimisation Myths - SEO Myths increase every year, but which ones are fact?

An Introduction to Social Media - Learn about social media with 8 useful tips.
Why use Social Networking - 4 good reasons to use social networking.
Using Twitter for Business - Top tips for maximum effect.

Facebook Timeline -
Facebook timeline is big news for any organisation that manages a Facebook page. So what does this mean?
Using Pinterest to Boost your Business - Your creative thinking is made easier with our guide to get the best from Pinterest
Save Time on Social Media with these Keyboard Shortcuts - Learn the keyboard shortcuts for the Social Media sites such a Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

How to Boost your Sales - Boost your sales with little or no cost
Design for E-commerce  - With such a growing business opportunity see how to make the best of your e-commerce website
Creating your Website for Business - You work for yourself and need to make the best of your Business Website.



Resources - A directory of interesting resources for use on your 350pages website


Newsletters - Read the monthly newsletters for tips and information.


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