QuickGuide: Music and Sound

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With a snippet of HTML code added to your site, it is possible to play music files on your pages, from simple midi files to wav and MP3s.

The first step in adding a music/sound file to your site is to upload the tune in question to your File Manager. Click on the Upload button in your File Manager to bring up the Upload dialog box. Click on the 'browse' buttons, and then find the file as you would normally, using Windows Explorer. Click on the 'Upload' button to upload the file, then publish this file in your File Manager by clicking on the Pub checkbox in the file list. Take a note of the published address that appears.

Next you must edit the page to which you wish to add the music or sound. Select the location where you want it to appear. Hover over the item above or below this location and click on the + button to bring up the Insert New Object menu. Choose HTML Snippet, and when the editor appears, paste the following code in:

<EMBED SRC="http://www.350.com/username/music_filename.mid" AUTOSTART="true" HEIGHT=0 WIDTH=0 VISIBLE=FALSE AUTOLOAD="true" loop="true">

You will then have to tailor the EMBED SRC address to match the file that you have uploaded for your own use - simply paste the published address in here that you noted earlier.

The EMBED command can have a number of parameters depending upon the browser plug-in that will be used to play the filetype. It's impossible to list them all here and if you want to experiment then we suggest using a Search Engine for the words EMBED and the filename extension that you are uploading.

Try and choose the smallest music file you can - Midi files are the best.

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