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Whether your website is based around a popular or niche pastime, with enough popularity there will always be options for earning extra income. One of the best ways is e-commerce based affiliation, and there are few better traders to set this up with than Amazon. Their new carousel widget allows you to present any kind of product available from Amazon's extremely vast selection.

You will need an Amazon account in order to add an Amazon carousel to your website and then you will earn up to 10% per sold item from your carousel!

Depending on your country, you will need to use the correct type of carousel. For example:

American customers, visit here.

UK customers visit here.

German customers visit here.

For other countries simply change the extension following the amazon part of the address to that of your own country (for example .com, .co.uk, or .de, may become .fr). Once you have reached the relevant page, click on the link in the yellow box to log-in to your Amazon account. With that done, you can now start adding items to your Carousel.

From the drop down menu, pick the category that best describes the type of item you wish to add, then search for those items with the search box to the right. Your search results will appear directly below, at which point you can click Add Product, and it will be transfered to a list on the right hand side of the screen. It's recommended that you select between 6 and 10 products. Click on the next step button when you are happy with your selection.

At this point you can choose the layout of the carousel, and get a preview of the carousel on the right. These options for layout are entirely down to personal preference as 350pages will be able to handle any choice you make here. Any changes you make at this point will update in the preview to the right. When you are happy with the presentation choices, click on the Add To My Web Page button, and this will pop up a small window. You can ignore all the options here apart from the bottom Copy button. Click on this.

In the 350pages editor for your webpage, go to the Object above or below where you wish to place the carousel and select the Insert option on the Object's editor bar. From the menu select HTML snippet, and click on above or below (or replace if you want to swap the currently selected object for your carousel) and this will bring up the HTML editor.

Paste the code for the carousel into the box, and if neccessary you can also adjust the width and height in pixels of the snippet. Click Save, and the carousel should appear as you want it. Save and publish the webpage as you normally would so that everyone on the web can see it too.

If you have a free account, you can still insert the HTML by using the HTML tab in the paragraph editor.

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